Traveling Doll

The Pin Ella P. doll club is made up of members from all over Kansas and from seven other states.  Most of us have not been to each otherís homes or even to the part of the state where the members live.  We decided that the Traveling Doll would be a good way that we could become acquainted with each other's homes and the kind of lives each member lives.  The doll was to remain small and fairly flat and should not be much larger than the notebook /passport that was to accompany the doll.

One of our lessons was spent working on our dolls and another lesson we had a guest share different ideas we could use to make the passport/notebook that was to accompany the traveler.  (One thing I can guarantee no two dolls will be alike and no two notebooks will be alike -- that is just the way a Pin Ella P. works!)

You can follow the travels of the dolls in a couple of ways.  If you follow Liz's blog you will probably see what the doll visiting her home is doing.  (Don't miss Mary's doll visiting Liz's family this month!)

Then if you watch this spot I will include something that my visitor is doing this month.  I will begin with Tillie the Traveler which is my young lady getting ready to start out on her travels and is anticipating where she will be going.  She began her visit in Washington State -- hope she had as much fun as I did visiting there.

You will find my visitor already looking around and finds some animals making a strange clucking sound! 

Take a Peak at Our Batiks


This special project of the Pin Ella P.'s began as twelve members that wanted to take part in the project each brought twelve 9" X 11" pieces of their favorite batik to the club meeting.  Each person then exchanged batik pieces until each person had twelve different batik pieces.  Each of these twelve members was to make a doll from her batik pieces keeping the doll a secret until they came to the November meeting for the unveiling.  What fun and excitement as each person looked for the use of their batik pieces.  There would be no way you could have picked any 12 more different dolls -- what do you think?



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