This class consist of Sarah, the mother - Baby Kristen and 3 year old Andrew.  After many struggles these three are finally ready for church. This part of the family will contain about 14 different lessons.

The second class will consist of Samuel Hawkins, the father and their 10 year old daughter, Alexandra.

 Hawkins Family Sam and Alex Sam and Alex Full View
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As Samuel comes home from work he and his daughter, Alexander will join the other three.  Then there is no telling what will come next! The grandparents just could enter the picture giving an overview of all the age groups and the differences, which are made in construction and dress.

These are completely new classes and will be fully illustrated with actual pictures during construction. Each doll has an armature that works just like a skeleton; they are made of a good quality of woven fabric. The hat, all shoes, pocketbook, and gloves all are made in the class as well as the clothing. The hair is felted in for all of the dolls. The baby's christening gown just happens to be an heirloom handkerchief. The only accessories you need to look for would be a tiny baby bottle and any jewelry you want too make to have her wear. Andrew could even be carrying a small toy to occupy his time.

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