with "Lizzie
" a 19" cloth doll

Lizzie has just found a trunk of clothes her mother has kept for nostalgic reasons and she will go through some ten different outfits covering a time periods from 1876 to the present time.  You will find extremes of the very long full silk taffeta dresses with many petticoats to the short shorts that you see Lizzie wearing.  The three older dresses happen to be wedding dresses but they are well worn dresses - not from being remarried many times - but from daily wear.  You could not have a dress and not use the dress.

Lizzie is a 19" doll and the clothing all fits a doll this size.  By using the copy machine you can shrink the patterns of the clothes and doll to any size you want to use.  Be sure and leave off the seam allowances and just add them after changing the size.

This class is a companion class to Hatilda (hats) and Suzie Shuz (shoes) and these classes combined will make a well dressed woman.  With your guidance Lizzie is in for some real finds in that trunk!

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