A Topsy Turvy Christmas / 12 out of 6

Do  you remember the fun dolls you had as a child that would tell a story and then another character or two would emerge when you just turned over the doll?  That is what we will make.  There are a couple of big differences-- as a child, mine were full size dolls and these dolls are only 6" tall and they hang on your Christmas tree.

You may have guessed that you make 6 dolls and then just by turning them over you will find 6 more -- 12 in all.  You can have the following: Santa/Elf, Little Girl Doll/Little Boy Doll, Lady Caroler/Man Caroler, Little Toy Soldier/ Little Drummer Boy, King/2nd King, Angel/ 2nd Angel

All the information  you need to enroll in this year's ornament class is to go to Dollstreet and follow the directions.  Easy - even I can do it!

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